Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]
Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]

Superlife Colon Care Plus [SCC+]

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SuperLife Colon Care Plus ("SCC+") is a rich mix of the finest natural ingredients to ensure optimal digestive and colon health. SCC+ improves the colon's health by supplying vital components such as Fibersol-2, Chlorophyll, Amla Extraction, Green Apple Powder, Beet Root Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, Astaxanthin, Grape Seed Powder, Multivitamins and Milk Thistle Extract. These nutrients aid the colon's natural balanced functioning, including daily waste expulsion, the growth of healthy bacteria, and the proper digestive process. SCC+ provides long-term protection for the colon. You receive full-fiber benefits like the absorption of toxins and waste, improved peristalsis, and elimination of toxins from the body. You are supplied with the necessary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), this will ensure that a colon is healthy. 

SCC+ does not damage your colon mucosa's quality, it avoids the re-absorption of the waste in the bloodstream. You are also guaranteed healthy intestinal bacteria like acidophilus and colon-promoting Bifidus. SUPER LIFE SCC+ supports the intestine, defends the Body from immune response radicals, helping to get rid of toxic materials, helping your Body to PRODUCE  GLUTHATION to boost your health. It aides in chronic health conditions, including DIABETES, CANCER and improves cognitive brain function for patients with dementia and Schizophrenia. Below is a list of the essential functions SCC+ helps with:

How SCC+ Helps Your Body: 


  • Regulation of weight 
  • Assist in Colon cancer prevention 
  • Colon cleansing and detoxification 
  • Liver cleaning and detoxification
  • Colon lining strengthening to keep it intact 
  • Balance of the digestive system


What is Colon?

The colon is also known as the large intestine or bowel. It is a digestive system-induced organ (also known as the digestive system) of the human body. The digestive system is an organic community that helps us to feed and to fuel our bodies with what we eat. Healthy food is good for your entire health, but a healthy colon needs to have a low calorie, high-fibre diet, mainly of fruits and vegetables. Healthy practices such as exercise, limitation of alcohol and omitting tobacco are critical for good colon health. Your small intestine mainly absorbs during digestion. Any of the fluids are taken from the large intestine or colon during their passage through the rectum for evacuation. The colon absorbs vital electrolytes, such as sodium and certain salts, and transfers potassium. It comprises over 1,000 microbial species, some of which produce biotin and vitamin K. The microbes are in two kinds: 'good' and 'unfriendly.' Some lead to health improvement, others may cause disease and pain. You may have complications with bloating, gas, pain, constipation or diarrhea if your colon does not function the way that it is suppose to. 

People don't know that the colon and the entire digestive system will either strengthen or compromise the functionalities of the immune system and thus cause serious illness. Our intestines are responsible for 70% to 80% of our immune system, therefore, we must clean our colon and keep it stable.

What are the Uses of SCC+?

Probiotics include numerous kinds of micro-organisms, including yeast (solarium saccharomyces) and bacteria (such as lactobacillus, bifidobacterium). The digestive system contains micro-organisms (flora). Certain factors such as antibiotic use can alter the usual bacteria and yeast balance. We improve our digestion and preserving normal flora by using probiotics. Probiotics are used as nutritional additives in foods such as milk, yoghurt, juices and soy drinks and also available in capsules, tablets and powders.

The Ingredients In SCC+ That Benefit The Human Body:

SCC+ provides long-term protection for the colon. It provides total fiber benefits such as digestion of waste and contaminants, improved peristalsis and the expulsion from the body of toxins, you receive necessary fiber (both soluble and insoluble). This mechanism leads to a healthy colon. In comparison, SCC+ does not damage the purity of your colon mucosa and successfully avoids the reabsorption of the waste into the bloodstream. You are guaranteed a healthy colon healthy with good intestinal bacteria such as acidophil and Bifidus. SCC+ is a rich mix of the very best ingredients of nature to ensure maximal colon protection. This is an overview of the most essential components:


The plant blood is chlorophyll. It gives life to plants which contain nutrients that support their lives easily absorbed into the body. Chlorophyll has a hemoglobin-like chemical structure in our red blood cells. It's like iron building up the blood. The level of calcium in the blood is regulated by chlorophyll. Analysis has shown that as women menstruate, they lose 40% calcium, and chlorophyll tends to refill the calcium amount.

Chlorophyll helps to clean the cell structure and to create new cell life with its essential mineral. It's no wonder it was given the name "liquid sunshine" and is both an internal and an external excellent cleanser and healer for chronic ailments. Chlorophyll also encourages the health of the colon through the destruction of diseases. 



It helps to remove waste and cure of the colon, to preserve balanced bowels and to facilitate daily bowel and fecal volume and to ensure good function of digestive health. Fibersol-2 is healthy, simple to mix maltodextrin (GRAS) in water, without any taste. Fibersol-2 is high viscosity, soluble, hygroscopic and solution-clear. Since the bond is high, spontaneously occurring, and indigestible in the digestive tract, it leads to health by retaining regular amounts of cholesterol, blood glucose. It encourages the balance of the immune system.


Amla Extract

Amla extract is a natural oil that includes Indian gooseberry extracts (Phyllanthus Emblica). Traditionally, it is made by drying and immersing the fruit for a time in the base olive oil, which then extracts and purifies the oil. Amla extract is applied to the body or face topically and used as hair care. Amla extract helps to combat the effects of pathogens in your body with its strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This is very significant, as new bacterial strains grow more antibiotically resistant. Analysis has shown Amla extract to be active against bacteria such as cholera, pseudomonas and staphylococcus. 


Green Apple Extract

Apples are widely considered to provide benefits for the body. Green apples are filled with vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and minerals to help improve the health of the colon. Green apples help prevent intestinal disturbances, control blood glucose levels and the existence among other things of healthy cholesterol. Green apple also provides a high dietary fiber content, which improves the overall digestion function by controlling bowel movement.


Aloe Vera

There are about 420 species in the genus Aloe. The Liliaceae family contains Aloe Vera. It contains roughly 75 active ingredients: vitamins, minerals, sucrid, amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, lignin and saponins, as well as salicyl acid. The Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 amino acids necessary to achieve proper body functionality. Eight of the major amino acids are also given.


Astaxanthin is a super-antioxidant. It is a reddish pigment formed from microalgae. The king of carotenoids is called Astaxanthin (apple). It is 100 times stronger than the renowned carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lycopene. It doesn't get pro-oxidant in the body.  It is also one of the most powerful antioxidants you can take. 

There are even more Ingredients in this, but we only discussed the vital ones. These ingredients and be very effective for your colon.  


Beetroot Extract

In recent years, beetroot powder has become popular as a practical, well-healthy food. The fitness industry has encouraged its use due to its advantages. The vegetables of the beetroot are spherical. Certain varieties may be yellow or strewn. This family is that of the sugar beets, turbo fish and rutabagas. Vitamins A, B6 and C are rich in Beetroots. Folate, magnesium, potassium, copper, soluble fibre and proteins are also rich for this oil. 

Beetroot is rich in antioxidants to eradicate free radicals. As a natural detoxifying agent, beetroot serves to help the body detoxify and eliminate heavy metals, toxins and blood loss. The compound glutathione is essential to detox the colon, liver and other digestive bodies.  

Final Verdict

Follow the product package guidelines. There are 15 sachets in one box of SCC+. Take SCC+as needed. Mix one sachet with 200ml of water and consume at night.  Ask the doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions. Any probiotic can contain live bacteria such as bifidobacteria.  You should not take probiotics at least 2-3 hours before or after the use of antibiotics.  If you take antibiotic for diarrhea, do not use SCC+ unless you are get permission from your doctor.