STC-30 Stem Cell

Introduction to Stem Cells

Stem cells have an immense potential to help us understand different diseases, other problems relating to health and to treat them. They can be used in the use of the blood stem cells to treat blood disorders, which have saved thousands of children with leukemia for the lives of their lives, and in the use of the tissue graffiti, stem cells to treat diseases or bone, skin and eye surface injuries. Important stem cell clinical trials are ongoing for several other disorders and researchers are further investigating new pathways in medicine using stem cells.

However, there is still much to be learned about stem cells and their current therapy applications are occasionally exaggerated by the media and other groups, who do not fully grasp the science and current limits, and by "clinics" who are seeking to capitalize on speculation by selling drugs to chronically ill or critically injured patients. Today we will help you understand at this point both the potential and weaknesses of stem cells and help you uncover some of the disinformation that clinics providing unproven treatments have widely circulated. 

About STC30

Mibelle Biochemistry in Zurich Switzerland Laboratory, which is GMP accredited for liquid supplements and a certified member of The Natural Products Association, produces Superlife STC-30 with a certified, experienced, and valued business. It fulfills the FDA mandated Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for dietary supplements in the National Society of Certificates.


The FDA has not reviewed claims about dietary supplements that are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any diseases or conditions of health.