Nearly all forms of organism and toxins entering the body, that may affect the tissue and organ, are naturally resistible to the human body. It is known as immunity. A great deal of immunity is acquired and develops until after a bacterium, virus, or toxin first attacks the body; sometimes weeks or months to develop immunity are required. An additional factor of immunity, which results in general processes, is referred to as innate immunity rather than processes targeted at certain disease species. The following things are included:

  • Phagocytosis of white blood cells and tissue macrophage cells by bacteria and other invaders.
  • The acid secretions of the stomach and digestive enzymes are killed in swallowed organisms.
  • Skin resistance to organism invasion.
  • The presence and destruction of certain chemicals and cells in the blood bind to or kill foreign organisms.


It Boosts Immune Systems

Superspecies Immuno Treatment improves the immune system using a mixture of ingredients such as phycocyanine, Wild AFA, Snow algae extract, Spirulina, chicory, moringa, chlorophyll, coenzyme Q10, guarana extract, Vitamin B complex, and mixed berries. Care also helps your immunity system (blueberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, and lingonberry). These nutrients help the normal functioning of the immune system in a dietary manner.

Increases Blood Count

In Superlife Immune Care the AFA ingredient helps to increase blood counts. It has a rich B content of chlorophyll that is important in the building of blood because of the presence of the pyrrole ring. This pyrrole ring is very similar to the hemoglobin ring. Leukemia and other types of skin and liver problems are improved by chlorophyll. It can also deodorize the intestines. 

Helps in Weight Loss

Chlorophyll contributes to losing bodyweight. Guarana(a major ingredient), helps in burning burn a large number of calories and other metabolic stimulants. It enhances fat metabolism in the body and can help obese people lose weight. The intake of guarana caused considerable loss of weight and reduced the circumference of the hip in an 8-week study with 67 participants. Guarana can also increase memory, cognition, and focus.

Reduces Blood Sugar

Superlife Immune Treatment extract Moringa helps to reduce blood sugar. The Intake of 7 grams moringa leeks each day for three months, according to one research involving 30 participants, decreases rapid levels of blood sugar by 13.5 percent each day. Moringa extract has a wide variety of antioxidants to detoxify kidneys and reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. Cholesterol in the blood is also helpful in reducing it.

Boosts production of Red Blood Cells

In the treatment of mild to severe acne, chlorophyll has been used. Liquid chlorophyll can increase red blood cell production. One research has shown that thalassemia patients have limited their consumption of wheatgrass (which contains about 70 percent of chlorophyll). 



Moringa oleifera is a plant famous for its healthy antioxidants and its biologically active compounds. The use of anti-inflammatory substances to minimize inflammation in the body. Research showed that Isothiocyanates are helpful to combat the inflammation (present in moringa leaves, pods, and seeds). Moringa oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and has a beneficial effect on the hair. Moringa is rich in protein and other moisturizing elements that improve cell repair. The seed oil Moringa can be used to treat certain skin infections and sores. Moringa decreases edemas and swellings of the legs due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also includes several detoxifying components that prevent damage to the liver caused by alcohol and toxins.

Moringa contributes to blood glucose control and is very beneficial in chronic diabetic patients. The consumption of 7 grams of Morinaga powder per day for three months is decreased by 13.5 percent according to one study, including 30 participants. A large number of antioxidants, which can detoxify the kidneys and reduce the occurrence of kidney stones are contained in the extract. It also helps to minimize blood cholesterol. 

Vitamin B3

SIC is proud to be a rich source of complex vitamin B. The complex of vitamin B consists of 8 B vitamins.

Vitamin B1 assists the body with the use of carbohydrates to generate energy. It is also essential for a healthy brain, nervous system, and muscle conditions. It plays a central role in the production and growth of various bodies in the body. Vitamin B2 helps to transform vitamin B6 into a form that can be used. It is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes the development of red blood cells in the marrow of the bone.  DNA repair in cells may also play an important role. Vitamin B3 is also believed to promote the development of sex and stress hormones in colon and breast cancer cells. 

Guarana Extract

Guarana is a Brazilian plant called Paullinia cupana, scientifically named. Caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine are considered potent stimulants. Guarana has many antioxidants, including tannins and catechins.

Guarana includes antioxidants including catechin and epicatechin which can limit cancer. The high concentrations of tannins in the seeds can contribute to these antioxidant properties. Guarana can limit colon and breast cancer cell growth. Fatigue and depression in cancer patients are also known to decrease. Guarana used in SIC also has a boost in physics because it eliminates muscle fatigue, cramps, and tiredness.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a special compound that contributes to the production of energy in body cells. It can be developed naturally by the body but with age it reduces development. However, SIC has been a fantastic compliment with great advantages to this essential compound. CoQ10 is useful in cardiovascular health maintenance. CoQ10 can prevent such cardiac problems including congestive cardiac failure in the elderly. CoQ10 produces a lot of skin defense antioxidants from pollution, UV rays, and some allergens. It also helps prevent cancer of the skin.

Mixed Berries

Several berries are used in the SuperLife Immune Treatment Recipe. Blueberries, garlic, raspberries, and lingonberries are among them.


Berry is known for its excellent source of antioxidants, which helps improve the immune system and prevent inflammation in the body because they protect against radical harm. They have a strong ORAC value that shows their outstanding capacity to combat oxidative stress. These berries also contain two essential nutrients, vitamin C and A, for the development of immunity. They include polysaccharides and compounds for glycoconjugate that promote bio-active immunomodulation in the liver, reproductive organs, and brain, antioxidant and antitumor. 

Why choose SIC?

Superlife Immune Care is a patented blend of the finest ingredients of nature, fuelled by AFA Concentrate and Co-Q10. SIC improves the immune system using a mixture of ingredients such as phycocyanine, Wild AFA, Snow algae extract, Spirulina, chicory, Morinaga, chlorophyll, coenzyme Q10, guarana extract, Vitamin B complex, and mixed berries. These nutrients help the normal functioning of the immune system in a dietary manner.


Many products in the shops claim to enhance or encourage immunity. However, there is no scientific sense in the notion of improving immunity. Indeed, it's not necessarily healthy to increase the number of cells in your body - immune cells or others. For example, athletes who participate in "blood doping" — who pump blood into their systems to maximize the amount and efficiency of their blood cells — are at risk.


Attempting to improve immune system cells is extremely difficult because the immune system includes many different types of cells that respond in a wide range of ways to many different microbes. What cells are you expected to boost? And what number? SuperLife Immune Care is at stake here. You should be conscious that your body generates immune cells continuously. It creates more than it can be used to any degree. The additional cells are removed through the process known as apoptosis – a normal cell death process. SuperLife Immune Care is so applied that it knows how many cells or the right combination of cells the immune system requires to perform at its best.