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Source Of Stem Cells

SuperLife STC-30

STC 30 provides the body with a unique source of STEM CELLS which activate, repair or even regenerate to heal itself of various diseases including diabetes, stroke, kidney diseases etc.

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Our Happy Customers

I introduced STC30 to a lady with breast cancer. The lady who could not sleep due to severe pains got a miracle of her life after taking STC30. After 25 sachets she now sleeps like a baby and the cancer sore is drying up. Highly Recommended!

Mathew L.

My next-door neighbour was diagnosed with Statis Dermatitis. I introduced the product to her. She Has been taking STC30 from 21 April to date. Healing is taking place swiftly! Thanks to Superlife for producing STC30

Shelly P.

I have ALS and arthritis. I had very bad pain in my knees, right hip, right arm and ankles when sleeping at night. It started helping exponentially within a few days and with this now I no longer wake up with horrible pain.

Anita C.